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About Fat Lester Domain Names

Achieving long-term success and longevity in today's increasingly competitive global electronic marketplace requires much more than just having a product, original content, or useful information. In today's internet, getting targeted visitors to your site is only one component of a successful e-commerce formula.

The one thing that seemingly all established websites that have a history of success have in common is a quality domain name. Data has consistently shown that sites with catchy, easy-to-remember domains are more successful than sites with longer, complicated names.

One of the most important factors associated with e-commerce success is a website's ability to turn first-time visitors into regulars. This is equally true of all types of websites, from retail e-commerce stores to user-generated social media hotspots. Few factors are more important than a website's domain name when it comes to converting first-time users to repeat visitors. A catchy, marketable domain is an absolute must for any new website.

While several factors affect a domain's quality, the following serves as a good guideline for choosing a domain:

  1. Length - Shorter domains tend to be easier to remember.
  2. Ease-of-Rememberance - Domains that "have a nice ring to them" tend to be easier to remember.
  3. Keyword Strength - Perhaps the most important factor, domains that contain popularly searched keywords in the name can be likened to undeveloped properties located near a major thoroughfare. Keyword searches are like cars. Domains with popular keywords are typically easier to get traffic to, and almost always have solid resale value.
  4. Marketability - A combination of the above factors combined with TLD strength and potential for branding.

Fat Lester Domains exists to provide quality, marketable domain names that contain all the characteristics necessary for long-term success. Fat Lester's domain names are chosen by an elite group of marketing experts that thoroughly evaluate each domain on all aspects of marketability. We certify that our domains are worth investing in based on their potential for long-term branding success.

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