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Domain Name FAQ

1. What is a domain name?

Simply put, a domain name is the formal term for a web address. It is what an internet user types into a web-browser in order to go to a certain website. A domain name is what comes after the "http://" in a URL (Uniform Resource Locater).

Many different analogies are used to explain domain names. Perhaps the best domain name analogy compares domain names to real estate.

2. Should I buy a domain name or register a new one?

The answer to this question depends entirely upon your available capital. That is to say, if you can afford to buy a top name, do it.

By now, most of the really good names (in virtually all TLD extensions) are already registered. In order to obtain one of these names, a company or individual usually has to purchase the name from its current owner.

A top name often means built-in traffic, and almost always provides an advantage to its owner in the form of superior marketability.

3. How much does it cost to buy a premium domain name?

The answer depends upon a multitude of factors, including everything from existing traffic and links to comparable sales to the domain's potential for marketability.

The process for determining the value of a domain name is extremely similar to the process used to determine the value of a piece of commercial real estate. Ultimately, sales prices often boil down to each party's respective ability to negotiate effectively.

4. How do I buy a domain name?

There are several different ways in which one can go about buying a domain name.

One method is to perform a WHOIS search on the domain, and contact the owner of the name to inquire about name. Also, many domains are sold by way of third-party domain marketplaces where neutral websites broker the sale of their clients' domain names.

To buy a doman name from, click 'Buy a Domain', and fill out the simple form. Once we have received your inquiry, we will review your proposal, and contact you with instructions for purchase.

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